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Offline HateMeI'mALawyer  
#16 Posted : Tuesday, July 24, 2012 7:02:04 AM(UTC)
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Yeah, that would NOT be good, Gary Busey's chompers in your mouth, a plastic replica or the real deal, either way.

I'm so sorry your experience wasn't the same as my friend's. Like anything else we discuss on this board, I think Snap Ons are dependant on the skillset of the provider. My friend said her dentist likened the appliance to hard or gas permeable lenses. No matter how well made they are there's going to be a period of adjustment. But if they're made well, if they fit as well as they possibly can, then they truly should be undetectable. Of course, the trick is getting them to fit, and I think only a few dentists are capable of that. Plus, the ones who could are not really interested in making fifteen hundred bucks for a Snap On. They want to showcase their talents with fifteen grand worth of veneers or crowns.

Even so, if yours are really that bad, you should go back to the dentist who made them for you.
Offline eden  
#17 Posted : Wednesday, July 25, 2012 2:15:12 AM(UTC)
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Well the thing with this is that I was the first patient she tried them on, so she said basically It was "on her" but I still had to pay $650.00 for the lab fee, which I wasn't aware of. If I knew that, I would not have done it.....
Offline Sharon101  
#18 Posted : Tuesday, January 8, 2013 7:09:27 PM(UTC)
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Originally Posted by: HateMeI' Go to Quoted Post
So I think a few weeks ago while snarkily dissecting a Lindsay Lohan picture, I made a comment about her newly minted venners, likening them to a Snap On Smile. At the time, I thought the Snap On Smile was only a half click up from Halloween wax teeth, done up to match your favorite celeb's grille.

It turns out, though, that the right dentist can do some amazing things with these relatively inexpensive devices. Any of you remember my acquaintance from the clerk's office, the one who bravely did an ablative fractionated co2 laser treatment . . . on a Groupon? I even went to her consult with her, hoping to convince her that she was screwing up. The thing is, I couldn't because her doctor was absolutely awesome, so awesome in fact that I ended up doing not one but two treatments six months apart.

Anyway, I saw my friend at a small gathering this afternoon and she looked wonderful. Beautiful, actually, and amazingly youthful. She's a good twenty plus years older than I am, and I just couldn't put my finger on what she'd one. At first I thought she'd had her lips done, but she assured me that she hadn't. Turns out that for twelve hundred bucks she'd had an upper arch Snap On Smile created, and her very talented dentist had built it out so that the effect was that of a "dental facelift."

It was utterly astonishing. And let me tell you, I have the GNP of a small country in my mouth, so I know a thing or two about choppers, and hers were beautiful. Her dentist had even built a small "roll" into the top, right above the gumline, to provide even more support for her upper lip. That coupled with the built out effect and added vertical dimension was just astonishing. She looked ten to twelve years younger, no kidding, and her speech was perfect, no lisp, nothing.

Now, I think everything depends on the skill of the dentist designing the appliance, but these things could revolutionize the dental industry. And for someone who couldn't afford crowns or veneers it would be a godsend. So for those reasons I'm recalling and quashing my previous snarky comments . . . which I don't do very often.

I wonder if she had a great starting point that allowed for nice upper tooth show and upper lip support from this custom made device? Plus perhaps hers didn`t go to the back teeth which somehow allowed her to chew with her own real teeth?

In any case you are right that the snap on appliance fills a great need in the market for a smaller price and can look really good. I`m glad that your friend could get such a fantastic result from such a simple thing.

To me the most interesting point here is that the teeth do have a huge massive effect on the face. Sometimes people get their lips made bigger but they really needed more projection from within ie.the teeth and gums. I also find it fascinating that your friends dentist put an extra roll on the teeth to further the effect of pouty lips!!!!

Vaneers and crowns can only sit out so much and are limited to the existing gumline because otherwise it would create a shelf from the step off from the gums and this would eventually kill the gumline and cause tooth decay.

For me I know that my teeth should be further out and my crowns helped in a great way but not as much as I would have loved. Your friend sounds like she got a huge forward projection which really benefited her face.

I cant imagine that they would be too comfortable, and probably a pain to keep clean and smell free, but for extra beauty, it`s a small price, plus removable too. Great to know.
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